Good Morning America - ABC

A Soldiers Diet


The story of Lora Bailey's son, Glenni Schofield Wilsey V, as he tries to loose weight to meet the enlistment standards of the U.S. Army. My thoughts are with the family.

Producer - Cole Kazdin
Correspondent - Abbie Boudreau
DP - Jared Manders
Sound - Thom Shafer

This is a classic one on one interview setup for me. Utilizing a Schoeps CMC MK41 on the subject and a Schoeps CMIT 5 on the correspondent. I like the extra bit of reach afforded by the cmit on the wider over the shoulder shot. I harp on this all the time, the rich full sound of a quality overhead microphone can not be found in a lavalier.

The right tool for the right job! ;-)

This piece was shot on 29 Mar 11, fed via VYVX that evening, cut overnight for air on Good Morning America on 30 Mar 11. Always strive for a great gain structure, split your tracks but listen to a mono mix & mix as if you're live. All the bad things that can happen to you as sound will happen when either transmission or the editor gets rushed and just sums the two tracks together! / Thom Shafer

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