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RF - Science or Sorcery!

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Featuring a 2 tour Afghanistan vet returning home with Richard Engle - NBC News

Technical Tips

My page has been around for over 20 years.... Some of the tips are aging!

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Schoeps CMIT 5

Sennheiser MKH 416 Back Soon

Lectrosonics 411 Digital Hybrids

ENG and the 3ms Delay

IFB, Working Live

Hiding Lavaliers

Sound Devices 442

Location Sound Recording Sit Down Interviews

Using Overhead Mic's for Sitdowns

Understanding -20 Ref Tone

Sound Devices 688

Sound Devices 688 Field Operations "Live"

Timecode: Cross Jamming

Denecke TS-TCB Timecode Slate

Sound Devices CL-12 Alaia


www.televisionsound.com / Thom Shafer

Repelling into a ravine in the pacific northwest for Discovery's "Raging Nature: Landslides".


Hiding Lav Microphones Chapter #1

Sound in Helicopters

Working Live: The Hot Mic

Betso TCD-1 Time Code Display


Sound Devices 664

Extended Sound Devices 664 Thoughts

Op-Ed The 664 and Internet Forums

Why We Think The Way We Do

PSC 48PH to 12vT Converter

MS Stereo File

Boom vs Lav

Cardioid Lav In the Tool Kit


Headphones & Your Ears