David Muir interviewing Sec Hillary Clinton & Senator Tim Kaine during the 2016
Presidential Campaign - ABC News World News Tonight


My hybrid sound cart really affords me the freedom to seamlessly shift
between highend large shoots like this one above for ABC's Good Morning America
and lifting the bag off quickly and jumping into ENG mode.


Feature film - Dog Eat Dog
Director - Paul Schrader
Nicholas Cage
Willem DaFoe
Christopher Mathew Cook
I truly enjoy approaching story telling from the sound point of view!


Perhaps a boring photo but not to me. I believe strongly in treating the location
and carry an array of solutions to do just that.


You may notice a trend in my work. Even though I own an extremely large
number of RF systems I am a fan of the overhead quality microphone
as seen here in this 3 on 1 interview for CBS's 48 Hours.


On Donald Trump's plane with Matt Lauer during the 2016 Presidential Campaign - NBC News


I take pride in my rolling sound shack and what tools and experience I bring to
each and every project I have the pleasure to contribute to!


A bit of snow ENG work in New York City. In an extremely rare Situation
the city closed the subway system. What a strange experience that was wandering around
the subway all by ourselves! NBC News


My expression really says it all...
In New York City covering the terror attack on 9-11
ABC News


Political season with Senator Sherrod Brown


I've been blessed and have had the pleasure of working with the last six
Presidents of the United States.

I hope you enjoyed this brief peak into my career (thus far). With this page I've tried to demonstrate the diverse breath of my work I've been fortunate to contribute to over the years. One of my favorite gigs is working live television. Mixing live with no take twos is a challenge I've always welcomed with a zeal and joy!

From the temples of Kyoto, Japan to the bush of Zimbabwe and up to the troubles in Northern Ireland and beauty of Panama I have been blessed to have worked on five continents. The greatest thrill for me over the years has been the opportunity to walk, however briefly, in the shoes of a host other people.


"Being a great mixer is knowing what sounds good and what doesn't as it applies to the situation you find yourself in". - Thom Shafer / Thom Shafer Production Audio Sound Mixer Cleveland, OH Columbus, OH Pittsburgh, PA

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