Schoeps CMIT 5 Review Page

For the longest time I swore by the Sennheiser MKH 416. I still do but the new offering from Schoeps has become my standard everyday ENG microphone.

The CMIT 5 is light and agile with a nice selection of onboard electronic enhancers to chose from. It doesn't suffer from onboard handling sensitivity the way a CMC MK 41 combo does without the Cut-1.

Actually it cuts very well with the MK 41 so for two camera sit down interviews it is a really nice combination with the 41 micing the subject and the CMIT handling the wider shot (over the shoulder of the correspondent).

You will find that the CMIT 5 requires you to open up your gain structure but the self noise is so low on this mic that it's not an issue.

Performance indoors is really the reason I've adopted this mic as my go to everyday choice.. The 416 has greater reach but the CMIT compensates for that with the ability to open her up while maintaining a good degree of hard-walled reflections cancellations.

The 90 degree off axis rejection is quite frankly unbelievable. Learning to taylor your boom to the noise situation is an exercise in pleasure with the CMIT.

The microphone is also very light weight and you quickly get used to that! The onboard electronic enhancers are quite handy.... I myself prefer to keep microphones as flat as possible in the field but the low end roll off comes in very handy when just a bit of extra help is required from wind or handling.

In short... I love this microphone!

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