ENG & the 3 Milli Second Delay

None of these scenario’s are desirable coupled with the fact that we quite often never have a chance to discuss these issues with post in advance. I was quite often unhappy with the situation.

Along comes the plug on transmitter. I was primed and ready for the UH400. Initially I was concerned about adding any additional weight to my pole but ironically, loosing the cable really freed me up to set the pole down and accomplish other things such as wiring people on the fly. The addition of the plug on restored my normal aggressive style of forcing the pole into the mix. Yes….that is happiness.

A little reeducation was in order on the properties of rf. Gone are the days of psssst’s and shhhhhht’s but they are replaced by total silence. When the 411 is in an unfriendly rf environment it will mute….repeatedly. The first time I heard this I would have sworn that my lav dumped it’s connector. In fact, I was so convinced that was the problem I swapped lavs around until I realized it was just an unhappy frequency. The moral of this story is…if it starts muting, change the channel.

For me there is no going back. Years ago I used to fight with the Vega 77’s until I bought my first Lectrosonics 185. That was bliss. The 411 has restored that feeling of moving forward. I have added my fourth system, my first 411a receiver, bringing my current bag configuration to four Lectrosonics 411’s and a Zaxcom stereo link.

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