Sound Devices 664
Opinion Editorial on the Forums

On a brisk snowy day in Cleveland I've sat down to pen some thoughts on the rampage that has become internet forums. You may ask, why is this entitled 'Sound Devices 664'? Well its because its my experience with the 664 and the witnessing of the effects the forums have had on peoples thoughts that have me writing today.

It really began to gell a few days ago when I received an email from a mixer in Chili who was all stoked to buy a 664 until he read the forums. He is traveling to Canada in the spring and was planning on taking one home with him. He wanted to know if I still stood by my earlier review and if I had any issues.

Even fellow 664 owners are asking me about it. My response is simple. I do not know what people are doing with their units. I do not know if they're telling the whole story that lead to their issue. What I do know is what I'm doing and what my results are as well as all the mixers I know and trust who own 664's and have similar experiences.

It is difficult to sort out the agendas from the genuine these days.

So I have two messages in this opinion piece...

1. Too much internet forum reading is a bad thing. Culling good reliable information is a challenge.

2. As a day one owner of the Sound Devices 664 I have had zero issues and without hesitation recommend it as the go to bag mixer/recorder of the future. I would say bulletproof applies.

If you're interested here are the two original reviews I wrote.


The 664 in a typical 2 on 1 situation
for NBC's Rock Center. Kate Snow

Initial Sound Devices 664 Review

Exteneded Follow Up 664 Review


The media cards I've been using since just about release day.

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