Timecode / ENG Bag
Betso TCD-1

Finally an ergonomically sane choice for mounting Time Code readouts on the front of an ENG / Documentary style audio production bag. With both internal rechargeable batteries and a standard external 4 pin hirose this unit is very power friendly! It auto detects TC frame rates and sync's with anything between 23.976 to 30 fps both drop and non-drop.

In my case I'm powering it along with my Sound Devices 442/702T on a dedicated BDSv4u / NP1 and my rf's are powered by a BDSv3 / NP1. That gives me maximum isolation of RF bleed while at the same time allowing me to tailor the power consumption a bit more.

The Betso has a very easy menu system that allows you to very quickly raise/lower the brightness by simply pushing the arrows you see to the right while in TC mode. It has 5 brightness levels depending on your situation. You can also tailor the display to save power by dimming and popping every 2nd, 5th or 10th frame. Nice!


The Betso TCD-1 Time Code Display


The Betso TCD-1 in Full Sunlight - Photo was taken with my iphone


Bottom is the 4 pin Hirose and the top is the 5 pin Lemo TC Input.

I'm very pleased with the Betso TCD-1 so far! Time will tell (pun intended) how it holds up and performs in the field. Nice job!

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