Headphones: Something to Consider

Headphones... The simple... Often forgotten piece of gear that pays our bills. They can also be the source of distress..

Beethoven's father boxed his ears resulting in a perpetual ringing that permeated his life.

Over the years I've noticed the "boxing" effect to occur in a profession that lives by the spoken word. Every shift of the cans or snap of the ear piece takes a toll and results in an ever increasing rise in the internal noise floor.

The simple act of adjusting a set of Sennheiser HD-25s while covering your ears adds to this effect. An example I notice is that when I adjust the height of the ear while wearing the cans the friction of the ear piece sliding along the headband bar generates a slight ringing in the ear. Something to consider over the course of a long career.

Sometimes its the boring thoughts that really need to be shared.

Mind your ears!


My long favorite Sennheiser HD25's!

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