The Art & Craft of Burying Microphones
Chapter #1

The question I am most often asked by young sound professionals is, ‘How do you hide microphones successfully’? There really isn’t an easy answer to that. It’s a skill that is developed over many years of suffering failures and tucking each experience away for future use.

Often we don’t know what wardrobe is until we meet the person to wire. Giving us about 30 seconds to make a series of decisions that will most likely determine the fate of our day!

Here is a basic starting point.

I like to use Sanken RM11 mounts with the underside fitted with Top Stick, double-sided toupee tape, and a piece of Mole Skin across the top. (picture attached) I prefer to attach the Top Stick to the clothing in a sweet spot with the mic riding along with the garment. The Mole Skin acts to soften any sound of the RM11 sliding along the body. Care must be taken to not see the ’pucker’ effect that occurs on thin garments such as tee shirts. (another chapter)

It’s important to understand the difference between clothing rustle (clothing rubbing across the mic) and ambient clothing noise. (the natural sound of the fabrics interacting with each other) An example would be trying to bury a wire on someone wearing a nylon jogging suit… That is going to be a very noisy outfit! Versus, a nice polo shirt, Ahhhh that’s a pleasant day!


Sanken RM11 Mounts Rigged With
Top Stick and Mole Skin.

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