A Look At My Ever Evolving Sound Cart!

Over the years , my sound cart has evolved many times as you can imagine. I've gone from a modular design to an all in one and back to a modular design. Below I will share a look at some of the iterations of the hybrid sound cart that I've come to enjoy and love.

The first key is the term 'Hybrid Sound Cart', to me thats a fast breakaway bag rig mounted on top of the basic cart footprint.


These two photos are from an ABC Good Morning America piece on raising good women. Their parents were
in the other room listening to what their daughters had to say. I was using the Rock N Roller as the sound cart
base but sadly the Rock N Roller is just not a quality built cart any longer. The wheel bushings fail (plastic)


This rig design was inspired by the Rock n Roller Media Shelf Cart and I deployed this rig on the Nicolas Cage
Dog Eat Dog feature I sound mixed on. I actually enjoyed the lay out but it was a total build all the time and not
most stable pushing around exterior set locations.


What I did like about this
configuration was the work area I had next to the Sound Devices CL-12 mixer.

Reiterating what I didn't like was the quality of the Rock n Roller cart as the base platform.

Below happened to be the first day with the CL12 and I got it soaked out in a misting rain!


Shifting to the all in one rack mount with the bag sitting on top. This would wheel straight into my
van and deploy incredibly quick. The Rock nRoller base continued to be a problem. When those bushings fail its like pushing a dead elephant around and is very painful.


Sometimes the simplest of shoots are just a joy to work on!

Below is a look at my hybrid sound cart for live television. In my case I run both IFB lines and the PL through my rig so that I can truly monitor and control all comms. Its a work flow habit I've been doing for many years.


Below Peter Alexander reporting for NBC News / MSNBC covering a POTUS event. Single IFB day.

FordMotorCompanyCommercial FOXNews

Above - On set of a Ford commercial and FOX News Geraldo Rivera.

Below - Live coverage of President Trump for MSNBC


Below on location with Jenna Bush and GM CEO Mary Barra in Detroit for NBC's Today Show.
I love the bit of work space in this cart configuration.


In utter frustration I went in search of a new cart base and bought the Film Tools vertical sound cart base with the antenna mast holders and handles. I love it but..... Colossal failure on the design for pushing the cart by its handles. With the steering wheels in the front it is imposible to push this cart from the handles. This is very disappointing and the search continues...


Back to my current Hybrid Sound Cart utilizing a modular setup which affords me the greatest amount of flexibility to tailor my rig for the needs of the day. Sitting on the Film Tools vertical sound cart frame.


So thats a quick short sample of some of my Hybrid Sound Cart configurations. Its amazing how its a labor of love practiced and refined every day. I love having the drawers on the cart. What you're seeing is a cart that can handle 90% of all the jobs I do right from that cart build.

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